The Viking Store™ has been a family business for decades and was founded by Sigurður Guðmundson in the 1950’s. Starting out as a tailor in a small locale downtown Akureyri, where his wife and children worked by his side along with other family members. They soon found themselve in need to move the company as their little business prospered and required better housing. The family bought the historical building named París where they continued caring for their business and support their family. Soon, París became a department store where the family sold clothing, flowers, toys, woolen goods and souvenirs. Mr. Guðmundsson’s only son took over the company in the 1980‘s where he decided to focus more on the increasing tourism in Iceland, providing great service to customers and offering handmade souvenirs and clothing along with toys and candy for the children. Almost every person in Akureyri has a vivid memory of the large viking that has been standing outside of the store for so many years. París has now been renovated and houses a café, bar and a concert venue.

Mr. Guðmundson’s grandson, Sigurður Guðmundson jr., expended his fathers and grandfathers vision in a small space by Ráðhústorg in Akureyri. The Viking Store has now four locations in Iceland, one in Akureyri and three in Reykajvík. Today, our main concern is to provide the best experience to our customers while keeping our familly values. In 2018, The Viking Store™ has joined a new familly embodied by Penninn-Eymundsson; an even older familly business sharing the same values and sense of service.